Last Sarproz Release and Online Updates

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        Dear all,

        in the last Sarproz release a new module is included: “Manage Version” (button in “DataSet Selection”).
        You can use that module to download new releases and also for switching between different sw versions.
        This can be particularly useful for fast bug solving and/or beta testing of new features.
        A full list of software modifications (with dates) is also displayed to facilitate the sw version selection.
        This is a temporary link to the new pcodes
        Please try it and send me some feedback.
        For those needing the compiled version, please write directly to me.

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          WINDOWS USERS:
          there was a hidden bug in the use of PSFTP.EXE which was preventing from downloading new versions (in windows).
          Please find the new pcodes here:
          And also the new compiled version for windows here:
          Many changes are going on, consider it as a beta version.
          In case of new bugs, you can use the Manage Version module to switch back to a previous version (backup copies have to be saved in the archive folder -check the manual!!-).

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