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        Dear PeriZ team,

        I need to track how amplitude and phase of one pixel is changing in my S1 dataset. I have done the coregistration for my SLC S1 images and I’d like to know lat/lon of each pixel to find the exact location of my feature in SAR coordinate, I know that in the siteprocessing module we can do geocoding and after that Lat.mat and Lon.mat are created, I opened them in Octave and I assumed I should have a grid with size of the image and find Lat and Lon for each pixel, but It wasn’t like this.

        Could you please advise me how I can extract lat/lon for each pixel of my coregistered SLC?



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          Export image that you are interested to geotif
          Then use, for example, gdal to translate tif file to csv. It should be possible to do in Qgis to

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            the answer from Anti (exporting the extended -raster- image) is a possible solution
            alternatively, you can export sparse data -like a vector- for a selection of points. if you select ALL points, you will select lat/lon coordinates for all points.
            in any case, I suggest you to take the sarproz course. write to courses at sarproz dot com if interested.

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