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    Is is possible to do masking in SARPROZ software?
    If it’s, What are the steps to be followed for doing it?

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    there are many types of masks
    sparse points masks:
    continuous masks
    more complex pixel selections (“save selection” below)
    and you can load any custom file you create in any module of the software with “choose a real file” in the list of parameters

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    Can we do Amplitude tracking or Offset tracking using SARPROZ software?

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    At the moment we don’t have yet a module for pixel tracking, we are still developing it.
    However, the functionality is already there, and, with a bit of patience, you can already use it.
    In fact, the software is storing the shifts estimated from the coregistration, and you can load them and display/output the shifts.
    Some elements needed to do this:
    – shifts are calculated over the “master points” selected from the coregistration parameters (you don’t need too many points when you coregister, but you want to process many points if you want to do pixel tracking. so, choose the set of points according to your needs)
    – shifts are saved in the folder EXT/yyyymmdd and they are called _coreg_offL and _coreg_offS
    – subpixel shifts are calculated only over points over the SNR and Corr thresholds specified in the coreg params.
    – SNR and Corr values are saved in _coreg_SNR and _coreg_corr files in folder EXT/yyyymmdd
    – the shifts above are not corrected for the geometric distortions
    – if you want to load such results in the sw using “load mask” make sure you skip the initial sparse points mask ticking the corresponding option
    In the next months we will output a module for pixel tracking which will allow loading and analyzing results in a simple way

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      Dear Perissin,
      Thank you so much for your response…

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