Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded

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    I have encountered this error message for more times in different datasets, in the small area -> geocoding tab.

    I do not understand why I get it when processing only 3900 points while before, in other dataset, the number of processed points was about 10times higher (the number of images is more or less the same), without such a problem.

    And, also, processing of this area went ok before (only the reference point was different).

    Please, can you advise me what am I doing wrong in this case?

    Thank you, Ivana

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    Hi Ivana,
    that error happens while loading the image in the background.
    The sw searches in the directory that you can change through the “layer” button.
    If you change the directory, you should temporarily solve your problem.
    To investigate why that happens, you could save the small area (with the same conditions as when the error occurs)
    and pass it to me together with the export params.
    Also, what is the layer director containing? which optical images are you loading?

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    As checked together,
    probably there were corrupted files in the optical images directory, changing the directory or deleting/moving the downloaded Google Earth files solves the problem.
    We take the chance to remind here that GE files are downloaded in this directory: ‘../GIS/GOOGLEEARTH/’
    with reference to the current site directory.
    In case of file corruption, one can act on the files contained there.

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