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    Hi there’s one question.

    I know that you advice against using MST connection in PS analysis all the time. Even when using QPS you suggested using star graph.

    My question is that: is there any kind of circumstances, that using MST is preferred? Or, in other words, MST could possibly give a better result than star-graph?

    I believe not, though..


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    If you are processing PS-like targets, use the star graph.
    If you are dealing with distributed targets, it’s better to use a multi-master graph.
    The MST is theoretically interesting, but practically it’s better to use more connections to stabilize the inversion.
    If you use the (spatial) coherence as weight, it’s strongly suggested to use a multi-master graph.
    Also, when you have few images, it’s better to use many redundant interferograms.

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