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        Dear sarproz users, I want to determine earthquake related deformations using 19 sentinel 1 images. I performed my operations according to the application document of By Timo Balz. However, I do not think I got the result I wanted in APS predictions. The operations I performed:
        1- Preliminary Analaysis
        2-Preliminary Geocoding
        3-Multi image Insar Precessing

        In the “Processing parameters” process I have shown in the attachment, I entered the “height” value as 3500 because the topography is quite high and mountainous. I set the Linear Treand value as 400 because the earthquake occurred twice, 7.8 and 7.6, and I know that there was a shift of about 3 meters.

        I would like you to write the parts that you think I made a mistake or that you can suggest.

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          Hi Emre,
          the model you are applying, linear deformation, does not apply to your case, since you had earthquakes.
          the suggestion for you is to take an InSAR course (if you want, we do offer InSAR course based on sarproz).
          all the best

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