New Update in Sentinel TOPS Module

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      Hello everyone,

      We are about to release a new update in Sentinel module. The update includes:

      (1) Optimizations in the processing chain. The new version expects to save about 50% of the total processing time compared with the current version and also uses less intermediate disk space.

      (2) As mentioned by Dr. Perissin in the previous post, we introduce the new coregistration method that only uses the orbits and DEM. You can now select “Use Orbit” in the coregistration parameters. We recommend you to use this new option for TOPS coregistration when the precise orbital information is available (which is almost always true, unless during “set orbits” process you are unable to connect to our server for downloading the orbits and don’t want to download manually). This is because the coregistration accuracy of this method only depends on the accuracy of orbital state vectors, while the other traditional cross-correlation method will depend on the size of your AOI, coherence of AOI, etc. The new method should work better when you have a very small area or very incoherent area (such as heavily vegetated area).

      Any feedback is welcome.


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      Hello Yuxiao, thank you for this great update.
      I takes a couple of weeks for precised orbit files to arrive, does it mean, that new co-registration method can’t be used with newest images?


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        Hello Jaroslav,

        As long as you have precise or restitute orbits, you can use the “orbit only” method for coregistration.

        Meanwhile, I am working on a new update in downloading new orbital files to make the process more stable and up-to-date.


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