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      I am trying to process a stack of 26 S1B images. Unfortunately, it seems that the orbits are not downloaded. I have an internet connection and I am using a windows virtual machine. Here is the message I get for all the images:

      26 images selected with VV polarization
      Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the ‘local’ profile … connected to 12 workers.

      writing the directory tree in C:\Image_processing\InSAR\SARPROZ\New_Afton\S1B_64_ASC\

      Reading External Orbits

      WARNING: An error occurred Downloading external S1 orbit. Built-in Orbit is used for date 2016/10/17.

      No external orbit available for image 20161017

      WARNING: An error occurred Downloading external S1 orbit. Built-in Orbit is used for date 2016/11/10.

      No external orbit available for image 20161110

      WARNING: An error occurred Downloading external S1 orbit. Built-in Orbit is used for date 2016/12/04.

      No external orbit available for image 20161204

      Any idea why this is happening? Should I download them manually? In that case, it would be helpful to know if any edits from the original download file is needed (i.e. format, naming, etc).


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      The problem was fixed by removing the firewall completely.

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      Good that it was solved…

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      Hi everyone,

      Generally, I have problem with internet connection, my computer is on University network,
      so every time when I start SarPROZ, I have error message in log

      Configuration check… having some troubles in connecting to internet, going on anyway
      …, but email after license expiration is always sent without problem

      Now, when I want to read Content and to load Precise orbits, i receive following error

      WARNING: Sentinel Built-in Orbit is used for YYYY/MM/DD. However, Restitute or Precise Orbit is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!
      Are you connected to internet? Is your FTP connection protocol blocked?

      I have ESET endpoint Security, and I have disabled Firewall.

      Are there any general settings for internet connection, I think that we use proxy on Univeristy campus, so maybe this could be a problem?

      Btw, great work mr Periz, and thank you for your effort and sharing the knowledge!

      Uros Djuric

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      When Sarproz starts,
      it checks for an internet connection.
      If you have a proxy and if you have to configure your browser with the proxy infos in order to connect to internet, Sarproz will open up a window where you can input the proxy infos.
      If this does not happen it means you can anyway connect to internet.
      At that point, some ports might be blocked, and we cannot do anything on our side for that.
      But you can manually download data and place them in the proper folders.
      Here infos about the Sentinel orbits:

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      Dear mr. Periz,

      Thank you for fast answer. Before my first post, I have read the topic that you have sent me, I am aware of the possibility that I could download the orbits manually, but if I dont fix this, I could later have problems with external DEM, right? And with all other options that request connection (google image for plotting, site view etc).

      We use proxy, i have checked browser, and everything is set, but there wasn’t SarPROZ popup that would ask me to fill proxy address and port.

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      Sarproz can be used also offline with USB dongles.
      Those who use it offline manage everything manually.
      You can in fact import your own external DEM. Or if you want to use SRTM, you just need to download it manually and place it in an SRTM folder.
      The same with optical images, you can import your own data.

      Anyway, you could try a trick. Disable your network card or unplug the network cable. Then run Sarproz. It should open up the proxy window. While the window is open, restore the network connection. Then input your proxy infos and proceed.
      Here an example of the proxy window settings

      Download the PDF file .


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      Dear mr. Periz,

      Until now, I have changed proxy using your trick, but that have changed the license.key so you have to issue me new one.
      After that, I have started SarPROZ again, but I still have troubles with connection to internet and orbits download. So issue is still opened.On University I will have to download everything manually including DEM.

      Thanks for efforts, If you have any other solution, I will be glad to implement it, since I think that using automatic download is very useful.


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        Hello UD,

        Currently, due to a few considerations, we store sentinel orbit files on the FTP server. If your FTP protocol is blocked and cannot access the FTP, you have to manually download the corresponding dates and put it into corresponding folders.

        If you do not prefer to do so, you can just carry on. In coregistration, just use the default parameters for coregistration, and everything should proceed without a problem. Then during the geocoding step, you must manually find your reference point. You can not do it automatically or your result will be biased.

        As for SRTM, since it is using a different port, you should try and it might work.


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        Dear Yuxiao,

        It seems that you were right about blocked FTP. After yesterday proxy settings and updating to the newest version, on University computer, after Set orbits command, i receive following error:

        Cannot Connect to FTP site for S1 External Orbits.
        The server might be down! Please contact qyuxiao@

        Yesterday there was different error (WARNING: Sentinel Built-in Orbit is used for 2017/06/15. However, Restitute or Precise Orbit is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!! Are you connected to internet? Is your FTP connection protocol blocked?)

        So, are there any parameters for FTP server that maybe I should give to our Computer department so they could unblock it for my IP address? Of course, at the end there is always option to manually download the orbits, but it would be helpful to fix this on my campus computer.

        If I download orbit manually for e.g. date 2017/06/15 should I download exact orbit for that date that is offered (S1A_OPER_AUX_POEORB_OPOD_20170617T121726_V20170527T225942_20170529T005942.EOF) and repeat the same for all images?

        SRTM download seems to work, since i got following SRTM\N44E021.hgt correctly downloaded

        Thank you for answers!

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        Sorry for missing out this post.

        At this moment, if your university blocks the FTP protocol, there is not much you can do.

        However, we are now deciding to abandon the FTP server in a future release. Please know that I am now working on this issue (among many other things) and I expect to finish this module a couple of weeks at most. When I complete the new function, it will download orbits using the normal https protocol, so as long as you are connected to internet everything should work.

        I will keep you updated.


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      I’m facing the same problem.
      “Cannot PING through FTP site for S1 External Orbits.
      Is your ftp protocol blocked?”
      and there is no firewall or barrier to ftp with on the school’s network.

      Any update on this issue.

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      Nureldin: you are using a 2018 version. please contact support by email to get a link to download a more recent version.

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