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        I have a question about the orbit heading angle that SARPROZ gives us. In the SiteDescription.txt file for a time-series in Ascending orbit, I see AcqHeading: <<-169.7791>>.
        Is this Acquisition Heading angle the orbit heading angle? if so, I expect for an ascending orbit, the orbit heading angle (αh) should be the blue angle as plotted in the picture attached.
        Otherwise, I suppose SARPROZ gives us the red angle, plotted in the picture. If this is the case, for decomposition of the LOS measurements function, which is defined as:

        DLOS,Right looking = Du cos(θinc) − sin(θinc)[Dn cos(αh − 3π/2) + De sin(αh − 3π/2)],
        = Du cos(θinc) − sin(θinc)[−Dn sin(αh) + De cos(αh)],

        Which angle should be used for αh in this equation?

        I appreciate your time and help,

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          Hi Mahtab,

          regarding your formula, you should check the source from where you got it. and if you know the relation between two angles, you can simply replace the angle in the formula with the other one

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