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        Dear periZ developer,

        I’d like to do some different processing with same data sets, including PSI, QPSI and DInSAR (single interferograms). I know that the preprocessing should be the same including master and slave extraction, coregistartion and preliminary analysis and geocoding. could you please let me know how I can use the same SLC folder and preprocessed data for different processing? I mean if the results of above different processing can be saved in different folders?



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          1. you can do all the processing you want in the same project, just you need to keep track of what you do. e.g. if you firstly estimate the velocity in one method, then make sure you do not mix the result with the velocity estimated in an other method. how do you do that? by choosing “replace” when you save the results. the sw makes a backup copy of the old result, with date and hour of creation. you should keep track of it
          2. however, since you might want to do multiple analysis at the same time and/or change many parameters, a safer habit is to make multiple projects, like ps_project and qps_project. in this way you keep multiple results in different places
          3. when you make multiple projects, be aware that you do not need the SLC folder, if your images are already extracted and coregistered. after coregistration, the SLC folder is no longer required
          4. if you want to extract and coregister multiple projects from the same SLC data, just store your SLC data in a common place and then create symbolic links in your projects. contact an IT to learn how to make symbolic links in your working environment

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            Thanks, it was helpful.


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