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    I’ve got a number of GPS measurement for a set of Corner Reflectors which are identified as PS within SarProz.

    When looking at the GPS measurements, projected into LOS, the displacement velocity ranges in general from 0 to -500 mm/yr, except for 1 point where that reaches almost -1000 mm/yr.

    The question is, is it ok to input this -1000 value for the parameters range, bearing in mind that in fact almost all the points register less intense movements? I know that I should not use asymmetric ranges, so the concrete question is whether using -1000/+1000 range would affect the estimations for the rest of the points, or not.


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    symmetric ranges are needed only in the APS processing, here you are not specifying in which module you are working.
    it sounds strange saying that most points are stable and only a few move a lot
    in any case, whether searching for a wide range of values can affect the estimate depends on many factors, like number of images and their time sampling.
    if it is like you say, you can try the following: firstly process stable points using a smaller range, and then include also your hot areas, releasing the values…

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    Yes, this question regards APS processing (and Sparse Points processing too), and yes, there is a particularly rapidly moving point (in comparison to the others), with which I didn’t mean that the rest or the points are stable, but moving slower instead. It is a landslide area where only few points (among them the Corner Reflectors) are identified as PS

    thank you


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