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    I have a problem with the installation of a pcodes version with Matlab.
    I can follow the steps on the installation sheet but when I write fig=main; on Matlab prompt, I have the following answer :
    Undefined function or variable ‘main’.
    I am well in the directory C:/pcodes that I have created with the file main.exe extracted from the .tar directory.

    Do you know what is the problem (directory location, licence, extraction file ?)

    Best regards
    Thibault COLETTE

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    hi Thibault,
    to use Sarproz in matlab, you need the pcodes, which is a set of more than 1,500 files with extension .p, and which comes in a zipped file, pcodes.tar. If you have the main.exe file, instead, it means you have the compiled version that runs independently from Matlab. You cannot call main.exe from within Matlab.
    Please send an email and we’ll pass you the link to download the pcodes version

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