Phase2Height constants – strange error

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      using Hybrid Batch mode, we have processed a Cosmo SkyMed dataset.
      For some reason, there is some strange error when pressing Phase2Height computation.
      All previous steps were working okay (there is External DEM, Refl. map, GCP is okay…)

      Can you help finding how to overcome this problem without the need of reprocessing whole dataset?

      Thank you,


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      Hi Milan,
      send me please by email the exportpar.tgz

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      if you check the site.log you will see that there is no log related to the coregistration: why?
      did the coregistration process crash?
      or did you in some way reboot the virtual machine (this could have interrupted the communications between matlab and the batch jobs)?
      did you follow the suggestion to insert your email address to get notifications of possible failures?
      it is extremely difficult to explain why the image.conf files were not updated after the coregistration, while the 3opints.txt were written. Could you please check the write permissions in the yyyymmdd folders in IMAGES?
      I really cannot understand what happened, it would be very nice if you could try to replicate the case (maybe using just 2 images and a small extraction area).
      In any case, as repeated many times, whatever happens, you NEVER need to repeat any operations. It may be tricky to understand when and what was interrupted, but if the coregistered images are there, no need to repeat anything.
      To fix the image.conf files, do the following (you need matlab and pcodes):
      – fig=main;
      – select your site project
      – type “fast”
      – launch the command “setimageconf(handles,2)”.
      This should fix your issue. If some other operations did not conclude successfully, you will discover it soon, let us know, we may need to fix something else.

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      hi Dan,

      thank you very much. I have recreated the Image.conf using the command you wrote me. Everything works well now.
      I will perform the same processing steps in another area to see if i can recreate the error. Anyway, it can be also again caused by the permissions due to my VM system, maybe due to accessing the structure from matlabpool?..

      anyway, probably the problem is on my side.

      thank you,


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