Polar mode (9) error

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      Hello SARPROZ team
      I am currently working on a site of northern Greece to monitor the collapse of a bridge in Kavala (PS processing).
      My dataset consists of 149 SLC Sentinel-1 images.
      When I click on “Get Contents” module it starts to process the files but after a while the following message appears:
      “An error occurred when combining polar_mode (9) for date 2017-01-30 !! Debug file is saved in S1MetaCombineError.mat!”
      I tried to remove the image from the dataset, but the error resists with other images (I did this 5 times). I have also installed the latest software update (23/11/2018).
      What do you advise me to do?

      Lasterror.mat and log are attached.

      Thank you for your support

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      this error happens because you are trying to merge 2 images consecutive in azimuth and a different polar mode (SINGLE/DUAL) is detected.
      so, you should find two images (directories) dated 2017-01-30 and in one of them there are two polarization files (like HH and HV) and in an other one just one of them.
      probably you deleted the polarization you are not using, but you did not delete it for all images.
      in the future we will remove this error.
      for the moment, please check the consistency of your files/directories to allow the sw to merge homogeneous data.

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      I have deleted manualy all *-vh-*.tiff (not needed for interfereometry) files from all “rawdata”.safe/measurement/ catalogs. if you go /slc/ catalog you saw the raw data catalogs. Then try again.

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