prolem with Spare Point Multi-Image InSAR Analysis (Small Area Processing)

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    Dear dan,
    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or it is a problem related with the software. I was playing/learning quite well with the module Spare Point Multi-Image InSAR Analysis (within Small Area Processing) until I decided to select an area somewhat larger. I selected the area, dealt with the Sparse Point selection and then with the Spare Point Multi-Image InSAR Analysis. Keeping the same PS Processing and APS parameters, I had different results. I decided then to process the former smaller area again but this time I had a glimse: XData cannot contain duplicate values. Should I had to manually remove some file/s before changing the size of the area of study, or is something that have to be done by the software?
    Attached will find the last error and last log file

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    Hi Felipe,
    I am not sure I understood well.
    Tell me if I am right:
    – you are in the small area processing
    – you processed insar time series (multi-image insar)
    – you did not close the time series processing module
    – you changed the area (with select area)
    – you went back to the time series processing module
    – there you got the error
    If this is correct sequence, I can understand the error, and we will include an extra check in the future. In other words, before changing the area, you should close all small area sub-modules or you will have an incompatibility between data loaded in the different windows…

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    No, the sequence is as follow: I closed multi-image insar, changed the area, processed time series again and then I had strange results. I decided to close all the modules (closing down SARPROZ), re-start it again, follow the normal procedure up to multi-image insar, include parameters, press go and then the glimse appears when press results.

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    Hi dan,
    Forget the above conundrum. All is solved now (but I do not how).
    Anyway, the same set of sparse points at different size areas but with similar time series parameters behaves different. Is this normal. If yes, why?

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    Again, I don’t understand.
    Suggestion: let’s find some time for a remote session in which you show me what you do and we try to understand the case..

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