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    Dear developers,

    I am processing Sentinel 1 data for small area (5×5 km) from descending and ascending orbits 65 and 52 images, respectively.

    Study area is an urban area and I know exactly which building’s foundations are unstable over this area.

    However, using Star images graph I didn’t get consistent results and I’ve tried different parameters, but still no reasonably good results.

    Is there any parameter I should be looking out for in order to improve my results?


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    Here is the result of ascending data

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    Hi Venera,
    your APS processing looks good. After that, you have to process more points to get denser results. You can do it either in the MISP or in the GAR (Graph Analysis and Refinement) modules.
    Options that you can try in case you cannot get results in your are of interest:
    + using a non-linear model for the deformation (input the number 5 in the smart box)
    + process temporary scatterers (on-off option in amplitude processing and after that amplitude as weight)
    In any case, to investigate your buildings of interest, I suggest you to use the small area module.
    You can also use the visualization tools in the classification module to better and deeper investigate your data (time series of amplitude/coherence)

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