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      We have generated the PS velocity now we want to convert it into a continues surface, please guide us how we can produce such map. what is the interpolation method being used for such map generation? can we use some custom method?

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      Hi KM,
      in Sarproz you can use the scatter plots (visualization tools in site processing) for generating a resampled 2D plot.
      choose Latitude for y-axis, Longitude for x-axis and the deformation trend as color. Then use the button “go” in the filter/matrix visualization frame. you can change radius/correlation distance/downsampling factor according to your needs.
      You can also export them in kml or geotiff.
      This is not right away generating a continuous surface, you will have values only where you have actual points. However, you can play with the radius for extending the area covered by your points.
      If you want to play more with the interpolation, I suggest you to load the data in Matlab (command “fast”) and work on them the way you prefer…

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      Thanks Dan,
      Yes, I tried with these options and it gives very good output when we have dense PS, but in case of sparse point it overlap the PS after increasing the radius. Is there any way to change the background colour of these map output? We completely lost the all PS which has the blue colour due to blue background. It will be very good if in future we can have a tool which can generate the surface using the user defined interpolation technique.

      Best wishes,

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