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        In APS processing module if Reference point is set to “Auto”, then Sarproz suggests 25 points to choose from.
        I assumed, that if saved, reference point candidates shall be found in AutoConnex.mat file. Looking through file structure, I couldn’t locate said points myself, and thus I’m asking for guidance.
        Am I searching through correct file? What’s the variable name and location? Are those candidate points even saved somewhere to begin with?

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          Hi Jaroslav,
          at the moment, Sarproz saves the 25 reference points in a temporary variable. That variable can be accessed if you run Sarproz in Matlab using the pcodes version. You can access it if you type “fast” in the command prompt when Sarproz is running and the APS module is open and the function for automatic selection of reference points has been executed.
          The AutoConnex.mat contains only the results of the graph processing. The reference selection is an operation that comes after graph processing and it is not saved in the AutoConnex.mat. And when you save a reference point, only the chosen reference point is saved. The 25 candidates are only a temporary variable…

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