Reading interferograms using leggi

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      Dear colleagues,

      I have some interferograms and I want to read them using leggi, but I get this error:

      “Here a brief error message:

      A subscripting operation on the Data field attempted to create a comma-separated list. The memmapfile class does not support the use of comma-separated lists when subscripting.

      leggi: an error happened while reading file D:\slc_data_nish\RESULTS\GEO\20190401-20190823_UW_geo_32.tif

      check if the file is corrupted!!”

      Can anyone help what is the problem?

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      you are trying to read a geocoded interferogram. geocoded data should be read with proper tools, as gis engines. or otherwise just import the geotif file in any coding environment, if u have geotif libraries.
      leggi/scrivi are functions to be used in sarproz with sarproz-format data in SAR coordinates

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