Reading slc images in matlab

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      Hello dr perissin

      It may sound a silly question but I want to know how I should read my slc images in matlab using leggi. I have already subseted my data and did co-registration. When I use the leggi function to read the images in the FITTED folder, I get the following error: error using memmapfile/subsref (line 764)
      A subscripting operation on the data field attempted to create a comma-separated list. The memmapfile class does not support the use of comma-separated lists when subscripting.
      Error in leggi
      How can I handle this?

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      radar data are complex, not real
      so, firstly, u cannot read complex data from jpeg files, u have to read the binary files
      secondly, u have to tell “leggi” that data are complex
      u do this adding a flag, according to this syntax:

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        Thank you dr Perissin. It solved my problem. Now, I want to do phase unwrapping on the extracted phase values from binary files because the phase values are within the [-pi, pi] interval. How can I do this in Matlab?

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