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        Hi Daniele,

        Thank you for your explanations, i considere. And also i am continuing to process, but i have new problem.
        While i am processing “interferogram processing” step, unfortunately my battery finished and process failed (it is about %43 finished).
        Can i continue or change something for repair this step?

        Thank you again,


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          Hi Fatma,
          I moved your post to a new topic, because it’s dealing with an important matter.
          Sarproz has been designed to recover from almost any situation.
          You should NEVER need to start processing things over again.
          In particular, for interferogram processing, in InSAR Params (section of the manual) you can tick the “update”
          option and process only the missing interferograms.
          You just need to pay attention to a single important thing: the processing could have been interrupted leaving a partial processed interferogram. You should manually remove it.
          To check the processed interferograms for finding the broken one, use “view interferograms” in “visualization tools”.
          To delete an interferogram, check the INTERFEROGRAMS folder.

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