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    Dear Daniele,
    I reprocessed the 12 scenes of ALOS PALSAR data for land deformation mapping using PSInSAR technique. I did preliminary analysis, prelimiary geocoding, InSAR analysis (phase to height constant and phase to flat terrain constant generation , Minimum Spanning Tree; MST estimation, interferograms processing, coherence map generation), sparse point selection, APS estimation, sparse points and post analysis.
    The results are attached along with this message.
    After APS estimation module, when I tried to test it , it gave an error. The snapshot of the error message is also attached.
    Kindly suggest what to do.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shweta Sharma

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    Hi Shweta.

    About your questions:
    a. if you get errors, you have to send me the lasterror.mat and the log file. Anyway, here the last version of pcodes (which may have solved your matter):
    b. not all operations in the sw have to be performed. E.g. the MST estimation is optional. Be careful: if you do it, automatically the MST images graph is loaded. This means that all the following operations will be based on the MST graph. This could be welcome for interferograms generation, but you may want to adopt a different choice for multi-temporal processing (APS estimation and MISP).
    c. the PS result you show in Google is made of 2 components: 1. signal (light color with spatial correlation) 2. noise (points over the sea, outliers). You should discard noisy points/outliers. You can do this using the multiple conditions in Scatter Plots. Then you can save a sub-selection of points in that module. About the signal, it is clearly affected by a ramp. This may be caused by orbital problems. In Sarproz you have several ways to deal with ramps. One of them consists in flattening the interferograms (“residual fringes estimation and removal” in “site processing”). An other one is removing ramps from the estimated parameters in the “APS module”.
    Let me know if things are clearer.

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      Dear Daniele,
      Thank you for your reply. Yeah things are very clear now. I shall redo according to your suggestions and will post the results again to the forum.
      I got the jpg file (sent by you) as the attachment. I shall also try to upload the results once I finished the work.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Shweta Sharma

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