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      When I want to use the “Sparse Points Multi Image InSAR Analysis” tool (in SMALL AREA PROCESSING) a mesage pops up in the main.exe:

      sel_par: neither file D:\Thesis1sttry\RESULTS\Coer nor D:\Thesis1sttry\RESULTS\Coer.mat found

      files D:\Thesis1sttry\RESULTS\Coer and D:\Thesis1sttry\RESULTS\Coer.mat not found

      When I press “Go” (in “Actions”) the “Phase series processing” proces bar pops up. However, this progress bar does not proceed and remains at 0%. I think this is because the Coer files are not in my RESULTS folder.

      Why are the Coer and Coer.mat file not there?
      Where should they have been created?
      I followed the steps in “Tutorials and course” of the SARPROZ website.

      Thank you in advance,

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      The message is not a problem. The coherence file is created after the coherence is saved. The coherence is the output of the mutli-temporal/time series analysis.
      More attention deserves the progress bar. Please check if you get other kind of messages. It could be a network problem: try for a moment to stop anti-viruses or firewalls or similar and see if this is the problem

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      Thank you for this quick reply,
      The message indeed was not the problem. I was able to continue the progress bar by pressing the up key (or probably any other key) in main.exe.

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