S1 Load SLC module in update mode

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    I am processing a (small) area located on S1 image overlaps. I have already processed the area with 34 images. Now I am trying to update it with 4 new images.

    The size of the area is 1850 pixels x 790 lines.

    The first try was not successful because the coregistration failed for 2 images (yes, those problematic ones). I decided to perform the processing once again to see whether the common area is smaller – but not, I got again 1850 pixels x 790 lines.

    Unfortunately, during the coregistration step the system fell down and in the update mode, I can see similar errors for images which have already been successfull used (in February).

    Could you please have a look on what happened? Using the version of 04-04.

    Thank you, Ivana

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