Sarproz Release 2016.20

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    Dear all,

    revolutionary updates are available in the version that is going to be uploaded today, March 6th 2016.

    New Optimized Automatic PSC Graph Generation.
    I’ll start from the last update in chronological order, but the first in order of importance. In the APS processing module, you can now choose which graph to apply to the PSC selection through a popup menu. Known choices are delaunay, flowered tree, local redundant graph. But now you have a new option (set as default): “automatic with pre-processing”. This option will firstly generate a local redundant graph, test phase series in a smart way, and then create a flowered tree based on the output. Tests show that this methodology solves a lot of issues, it is efficient, and it is automatic.
    Suggestions: you can start selecting points with the normalized amplitude coefficient index, run the “auto” graph choice, then process connections with external DEM removal, smart option = 5, and estimation of residual DEM (single master images graph). Remember that you can set all options and then press button “go” in the connections processing frame. In this way, all operations will be processed serially at once, without the need to wait for results one by one.

    New advanced selection of choices for InSAR filtering.
    You can now choose among new InSAR filters and apply many additional options. You can also build your own filter. Particularly remarkable is the possibility to use some new adaptive filtering techniques which allow you avoiding filtering over noisy or tricky phase situations. More details here:

    new site description module
    This new module brings some interesting features, as reporting a summary of site information (name of locality, UTC and local time, type of pass, looking angles, resolution and so on). You can also see the log file summarizing all operations applied to the data (without mixing it with operations applied in other sites). Finally, you can write some specific notes.

    More modifications and bug fixes are visible in the changes log.


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    Sir, I think the new version is posing problems in site processing module, Particularly in Interferogram generation and Coherence map generation. Interferogram is not generated and folder remains empty. Kindly verify. Attaching files for your reference. Please guide.

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    you should make an effort and do 2 important things:
    a. if you get an error, send us lasterror.mat and log file. from the log you sent us, you encountered some errors, but you did not submit us the lasterror.mat, so, we cannot help you
    b. make use of the manage version module. first of all, updates have been released after March 6, and probably they fixed your case. Secondly, if you encounter a problem, you may want to switch back to a previous release to avoid wasting time. The software gives you a lot of options and freedom from this point of view, make use of it!!

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