Sarproz Release 2017.3

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      Dear all,
      thanks to Yuxiao’s efforts, a new Sentinel code has just been released.
      The new code implements a new coregistration strategy, new algorithms for detecting and removing phase jumps, new files and data organization, new updating algorithms. In particular, de-ramping and re-rampig operations have been embedded in the resampling function. More optimizations and new advanced algorithms will follow in the near future, but with this new release we hope most of issues encountered in the past months have been solved. Please help us testing your data and sending us feedbacks.
      At the moment some extra data is saved in the FITTED folder, it will be removed in future updates.
      More minor changes have been implemented, check the update history for details.
      Use the “Manage Version” module to update the code:
      Warning (pcodes version only): after installing the new version, exceptionally only for this update, close and restart Matlab.

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