Sarproz Release 2017.4

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    Dear all,
    in the past months we have changed many small things, the full list is available in the “Manage Version” module after downloading the new updates.
    Here a few highlights:
    – all extended export functions have been updated, now offering 2 options: geocoding or orthorectification. In the past, the geocoding algorithm was in fact performing an orthorectification (a projection of SAR data in geographic coordinates which uses an external DEM to account for geometric distortions). Since this operation takes longer time but it is not always required, now the default option is simple geocoding (not using the external DEM). This is much faster. To orthorectify your data, you have to manually choose this option.
    – a new module is now available: Multi-Channel change detection. The module is using RGB channels to perform visual coherent/uncoherent change detection. to implement RGB management, Sarproz supports now also tiff data files.
    – to facilitate quick data visualization and to implement fast geocoding, now color jpeg files are supported as well (e.g. interferograms will now have color jpegs)
    – In custom mask generation, you can now build polygons in SAR coordinates
    – a new sparse Least Squares unwrapping algorithm is now available. The algorithm is not accurate, but it can be used to successfully reconstruct the spatial trend of low coherence areas, by connecting sparse coherent information. In difficult cases, this may be a compromise good enough to have a better visualization of the interferometric phase.
    Many more bug fixes and small improvements are available as well
    Good work to everybody

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