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        Dear Sarproz users,

        in recent time we underwent many re-organizations, including worldwide locations, personnel, business model, servers implementation, processing core-functions.
        One thing that is worth to mention here is the medium-term plan to set up a permanent SAR/InSAR training center in Italy (those interested in taking courses can start writing an email to “info at sarproz dot com”): we will offer periodic training courses with theoretical lectures and practical exercises based on Sarproz. More on this subject will come in the next future.
        For the moment, we will limit the summary of updates hereafter to the new features contained in the new release of the software. Please allow as usual a few months to consider the new release robust and stable. We will keep uploading bug fixes on the updates server. Since the server changed, you need the new sw version to connect to the new server.

        * new data load/manipulation/visualization concept
        To allow more flexibility in data manipulation and visualization we have rewritten all core functions related to parameters and interferograms management. Some of these changes are now visible in the new data visualization tool. Beside being able to display also series of images/interferograms, one now can saturate values, set a reference point, change colorbars and, in case of interferograms, apply masks/convert the phase/remove the APS. In the near future we will keep spreading these changes to the rest of the interfaces of the software. One of the main concepts here is moving the conversion of the phase (to height or displacement) to the visualization step instead of leaving it at the interferogram generation step (as it has been up to now).
        Please read the manual for more infos.

        * new APS correction for single/few images
        An important feature which will soon be possible thanks to the changes above described is an improved landslides identification process with single interferograms. We will soon publish a tutorial to show how to roughly estimate and remove the atmosphere from single interferograms to identify local landslides. More updates will come soon.

        * new update server
        A new update server has been set up. To use the new server you need to install the new Sarproz version at the bottom of this post. Links will expire in 7 days. To get the new version after links will be expired, contact the administrator. If you are using the pcodes version, you can copy the file attached to this post in the Sarproz folder and replace the existing file.

        * command line mode
        The Sarproz command line mode is now including also the InSAR time serie processing functions (APS module, MISP module, Time Series module). In addition, you can now also generate the license via command line execution, create custom masks, export results in sparse and extended forms

        * new Doppler estimator (developed for CSK Enhanced Spotlight images)
        In the attempt to debug issues with Enhanced Spotlight CSK images, we have developed a new Doppler estimator, which could now be used with any data (including airborne ones)

        * rsat2 external orbits
        We have implemented an external orbital data reader for Radarsat-2. Radarsat-2 users please ask your data provider to give you also precise orbital files. This is going to solve all issues related to the state vectors that are by default imported by the software when external orbits are missing.

        * images graph selection now based also on relative baselines
        To allow selecting/discarding interferograms from the images graph, you can now apply thresholds also on relative normal/temporal baselines (in the past this was applied only on baselines referred to the master, resulting in a selection of images rather in a selection of interferograms). Check the dataset selection module for more infos.

        * new ESA (ERS, Envisat, Sentinel) orbital data downloader
        We have implemented a new downloader for ESA data (orbits in first place).

        * png files export
        You can now export png files in SAR coordinates from the scatter plot. In the near future we will allow exporting png files in SAR coordinates also from the new view parameters module.

        * google maps API changes
        A few months ago google changed the policies about data download and this required changes in the API use.

        * SPECAN ALOS-2
        Even though ALOS-2 Scansar is not yet fully supported, ALOS-2 Specan data can be read and imported.

        * weather data news
        Wunderground has stopped providing free API services. We are implementing the connection to a new weather infos provider and soon it will be available in the software

        * mac users
        stay tuned: a new release will soon be distributed

        pcodes version:
        compiled for windows:
        compiled for linux:
        Links will expire on April 6. After that, contact the admin to get an update (you can connect to the new update server only with the new version)

        After downloading the proper file, to Install the new version check this and use the Manual Mode.

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          MAC USERS!!

          A new MAC compiled version is out:

          CAREFUL: this version was compiled with Matlab 2017a!! If you are a previous Sarproz user running the MAC compiled version, you need to install a new MCR version!! Check the readme.txt contained in the tar file above!

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            Hi dear Dr. Prissin, thanx for you and your team’s effort.
            I have a problem and the problem is when I want to download the new update from the link a message of “transfer deleted appears on the page.
            I tried it and the link related to “Compiled version” and “pl code” does not work but in those of “Mac” and “Linux” the link is ready.
            Thank’s for your resolving the problem.
            Best regards’.

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              Links will expire on April 6. After that, contact the admin to get an update

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