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        Dear all,

        a brief message to inform you about some major recent updates in Sarproz, listed hereafter (for the full list of changes please check the manage version log):

        ** new source of weather data
        we have implemented functions to download weather data from a new provider:
        data policy is very similar to the old darksky provider, that now is not available anymore.
        please check their website, open an account, use the advanced parameters to input your own API code.

        ** command line mode
        more and more customers are basing their processing chains on the command line execution of Sarproz.
        so, we have improved many small things (like errors management, program termination …),
        we have added new function in the CL execution (amplitude time series analysis, multi-channel change detection, …)
        and we have also introduced a way to call multiple times the same module from within the same inputpar file

        ** sentinel
        we have kept developing and improving codes for Sentinel. a major improvement is that now you can import multiple subswaths at once.

        ** multi-temporal adaptive filter
        we have found some bugs and improved the InSAR multi-temporal adaptive filter. Please try it out!

        ** new sensors
        few minor sensors are now supported, but, mostly important, CSG (Comso Second Generation) data have been imported with multiple polarizations.
        This has lead to a number of new features related to multiple polarization, mainly in the change detection but also in the coregistration process

        ** clusters and optimization
        some customers implemented huge amounts of data processing over clusters, and we have worked hard to make it possible, optimizing many steps for that purpose

        ** geotiff and bigtiff
        bigtiff formats are now supported to export huge images. also, precision and rounding of data were changed to accomodate some customer requests

        ** others
        many more changes and modifications were applied here and there. just to mention one, in custom mask generation you can now import csv files (in SAR or GEO coordinates)
        to create ad hoc sparse masks (e.g. for corner reflector processing)

        To get the new version, use the manage version module!
        Good work to everyone!

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