SARPROZ with Matlab2015a

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    Hi all,
    I am new to SARPROZ and I want to use it to process Sentinel data in my area of interest. Two weeks ago, I got the pcodes for three months of free trial. I wanted to start processing now, but unfortunaltey, SARPORZ doesn’t run properly. Every time I want to start the program with fig=main; I get the message

    Sarproz is going to set the Java Path. After that you’ll need to restart Matlab.

    File C:\programs\pcodes\javaclasspath.txt correctly modified

    WARNING: you need to exit and restart Matlab!!

    I read that SARPROZ is programmed for Matlab2014a and that later versions are not fully compatible. As I am using Matlab2015a, I think the problem lies here. Can someone confirm my assumption? Or is it another issue that I missed?


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    Hi Maryse,
    how are you starting Matlab?
    double clicking on a link?
    Did you right click on the Matlab icon and add in the “start in” box the folder “C:\programs\pcodes\”?
    In other words, when you start matlab, is the current directory C:\programs\pcodes\?

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      thank you for your quick reply!
      You were right, I only created a startup.m file with “cd C:\programs\pcodes\”, so this was initially not the correct start path. I changed the userpath and it looks like it is trying to execute the next step. But now I get the following error:

      Configuration check…

      license file license.key not found
      Your Windows installation language is currently not supported!!
      The tool could not find a connected network card: aborting!!

      License file license.key has been created, event hough some problems occurred
      To try again, firstly delete license.key
      an automatic email was sent successfully
      now wait for an answer from the administrator.
      contact for any questions.
      ERROR CODE 041
      Authorization not released. Contact the administrator of the InSAR tool

      Do you know what went wrong?

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    check your mailbox!
    German language has been added in the initial checks

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    Sorry, your mail ended up in the junkmail folder, so I didn’t see it right away.
    Thank you very much for the new code, SARPROZ is working now 🙂

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