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    I have 11 SLC scenes from s1 which have been successfully processed using STAR graph. These acquisitions have the same relative orbits.

    I tried to re-run the processing using SBAS. When I changed the graph to FULL graph in the Dataset Selection window and ran APS processing while checking coherence as weights, I get an error saying ‘Index exceeds matrix dimensions’ during connections processing. Strange that this occurs in FULL graph processing.

    Apart from setting Full graph and checking coherence as weights in APS processing, am I supposed to be doing anything else to begin the FULL graph processing?

    Thank you

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    Hi Ben,
    first of all, when you get an error, please zip log and lasterror.mat files and attach the zip archive here.
    Secondly, there exist no “SBAS” processing in sarproz. However, you can choose processing options that can make something similar.
    You do not need to process a FULL graph, you may want to process only a subset of interferograms.
    Moreover, it’s your choice whether to use weights or not use them.
    Finally, if you want to do something SBAS-like, you may want to unwrap your interferograms (how are you filtering them, are you multilooking and so on?).
    The other choices are relative to the connections processing: which spatial graph did you generate? which model do you want to use for the movement? which range of parameters are you going to estimate?
    All the set of options you choose will determine your analysis and the corresponding result. To give you suggestions, we would need to see your data (reflectivity, interferograms and so on)

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    In the time series analysis, if we want to create continuous maps instead of PS points (like SBAS results in StaMPS) What steps should we take?

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    that’s just a matter of spatial sampling. use the scatter plots module, filter/matrix visualization function to decide how to re-sample plots. you find some examples in the tutorials

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