Sentinel-1 orbits – new repository (Nov 2023)

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        Dear users,
        ESA has replaced the repository for the Sentinel-1 orbit files. The new portal to download the orbit files can be visited here

        The new repository will be implemented in SARPROZ soon. In the meanwhile, you are kindly asked to download the files manually.

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          Is there any instruction somewhere on where and which files should be placed so that SarProz can find and read them?

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            Hi Anti,
            here some infos
            usually Sarproz tells you what orbit files are needed, however, I am afraid in this case (change of repository), the error prevents the message from being visualized.
            You should manually check the orbits you need and place them in the corresponding folder, as described in the link above.
            We’ll update the help files and also the code for automatic download

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              Hi all,

              While the new repository is implemented, you can try using the Python script sentineleof (

              Hope this helps.

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                Dear users,

                a beta-version of the new downloader for the Sentinel-1 orbits is now implemented in the software.
                In this version there are some know issues that will be fixed soon. In the meanwhile, please read below for the solutions:

                1) in case you receive a message from the server aobut “Too Many Requests”, please just repeat the downloading process re-doing the “Set Orbits” step another time;

                2) in case you receive the following error: “WARNING WARNING: Your local orbit file seems to be corrupted! Please delete the CORRESPONDING FILE and try again”
                Just delete the orbit files listed in the terminal (they should be 0 bytes files) and do again the “Set Orbits” step.

                New updates will come soon!

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