Sentinel orbits problem, new release, new server

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        Dear all,
        on October 1st 2021 “let’s encrypt” (a widely used Certificate Authority) SSL/TLS old certificates expired, however, the ESA Copernicus website seems still using them. This is the reason why suddenly some Sarproz users experienced problems in downloading Sentinel orbital data from the Copernicus site.
        We have provided a fix in the last Sarproz version you can now find on the update server (please use the Manage Version module to download it
        At the same time, we are migrating to a new Update Server. So, after downloading the last version, you will be directed to the new server.
        The old Sarproz Update Server will be up for an other week or so. Afterward, it will be dismissed. In case you miss the chance to download the new version pointing at the new server, you can manually direct Sarproz there by placing in the Sarproz directory the servaddrs.mat file attached to this post.
        Good work to everyone

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          Hello Prof Periz
          Where we can download last version of SARPROZ. I can not update my sarproze. when I want to update, the below err appeared.

          An ERROR occurred and was saved in the file lasterror.mat, directory C:\SARPROZE
          The LOG FILE can be found here 09_Nov_2021_12_41_36_sarproz.log, directory C:\SARPROZE
          Please read carefully the document below before taking any actions:
          C:\SARPROZE\Sarproz_errors_management.html Here a brief error message:

          Unsuccessful open: Connection refused: connect
          … A Connection Could not be opened, moving forward …
          It looks like none of the servers is accessible. Try again later

          pleas help me

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            1. you miss telling what is your current software version
            2. check the message above and download the servaddrs.mat file (do it once more if you already tried). place it in the Sarproz folder. try connecting again. please make sure you get a message saying that the servaddrs.mat file is used. if you do not get that message, you are doing something wrong.
            3. after doing the above steps, if still problems, it’s something related to your network. change it and try again.

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              Hi Prof
              Thank you, professor, I did your instructions and the system was fixed and updated.


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