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    Hello Daniele,

    I have created a SLC data set and now I want to add a new image. According to the manual, this is possible:

    -If a dataset was previously created, you can import new images with the “Update” option. All new SLC data placed in the SLC folder will be imported
    -You can also choose to import a single new image by selecting it from the “Single Image” menu.

    Indeed, I have chosen a single image to update, but it seems it has processed all the new images it has found in the directory when running the Set Orbits command (the .meta files have been created for all the new images). I would like to make sure that only the image I have selected is processed within the next steps, since I do not want to include the rest of the new images yet. To make sure should I move these other images to another folder?


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    Hi Santiago,

    did you read this?

    did you download the last version, produced after that discussion? let me know if it solves your issue.

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      Hello Daniele,

      After downloading the last version, I have verified that only the selected image is processed for extraction and co-registration (Set Orbits is performed for all the images identified as new, but it does not take long time), so the issue is solved.

      Thank you/Grazie mille!


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