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        Is there any paper about the algorithm principle of smart mode in SARPROZ? I used smart mode in a manuscript and I wanted to find a most appropriate citation. In addition, I’m curious how does this nonlinear estimation work. I learned that smart mode is equivalent to a filter, but is there a more detailed description of it (like some equations or something)?

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          a journal paper that described the core algorithms in Sarproz:

          D. Perissin and T. and Wang, “Repeat-Pass SAR Interferometry with Partially Coherent Targets,” IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. Volume 50, p. Pages 271–280, 2012.

          Download the PDF file .

          a conference paper that describes a bit Sarproz:

          D. Perissin, Z. Wang, and T. and Wang, “SARPROZ InSAR Tool for Urban Subsidence/manmade Structure Stability Monitoring in China, The,” in Proc. of ISRSE 2011, Sidney (Australia), 2011.

          Download the PDF file .

          there is then a book chapter that gives a presentation of various InSAR time series processing techniques:
          “Interferometric SAR MultiTemporal processing (techniques and applications)” chapter in “Multi Temporal Remote Sensing – Methods and Applications” ISBN 978-3-319-47037-5

          You can quote any of them if you want.

          For what concerns the smart mode algorithm, since it’s a unique feature that Sarproz implements, we decided not to publish any technical detail.


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