some questions about APS processing and SPP processing

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        Dear Prof.Daniele
        I have some questions about APS processing and SPP processing.
        1.when I finish the APS processing and SPP processing I can’t find the interferograms. I want to know where are them or the processing do not produce them.
        2.can you tell me some information abot the smart model?
        3.I want to know the difference about the two kinds processing steps. one is make interferograms processing before APS and SPP processing,the other one is don’t make interferograms. what is the difference about the results?
        Thank you !

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          1 and 3. When you work with Persistent Scatterers (without using weights, that is, without filtering) Sarproz does not need to generate and write interferograms. Interferograms may be processed if you want to see them or if you want to use filtered phase. If you choose to process your data with a QPS-like approach (that is, using the coherence as a weight) and the interferograms are not available, Sarproz processes the filtered interferometric phase on a sparse base (point by point, without processing/writing the full interferograms). Sarproz always tells you what is done, so, you can read these things from the command line.
          2. the smart model is a non-parameteric time series estimation. If you want to use it, write the number 5 in the corresponding box. it equals to the length of the temporal filter.

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