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        In First SPP analysis I select 570967 PS point.

        In second APS analysis I select PS point with Temporal Coherence bigger than 0.7 and select 33392 PS point

        In second SPP analysis I set the Temporal coherence equal 0,but only select 33392 PS point????
        Why? The number of PS point is so small???

        More information in the attachment. Thank you very much.

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          Hi cnuhyl,

          the infos you are providing are too few to understand your case.
          First of all, in the PSC selection there is also a sparsing operation applied (points are made sparser according to the DS and DL values). You should check it.
          Secondly, I am wondering whether your overwrote the coherence file.
          To understand better, I suggest you load the temporal coherence using the “load mask” function in “site processing” (threshold =0).
          Then you can also plot the values or check the histogram to see what you physically have in the file.

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