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      I have ~2.5 years stack coregistrated. If I need it to split 1 year, 1.5 year 2 year , 2.5 year starting latest image.
      One possibility is make five indipendet projects but it takes time. Is it in SarProz other possibilities?.
      I’ll tried play in temporal baseline time but it works only if master is included(understandably).

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      you can change the master, so, it will work for any subset of images (just remember that the temp baselines limits are always relative to the chosen master)
      an other way is to manually split your data-stack. to do that, you have to remember 3 things:
      – the list of images is stored in dataset.text, DATASET_INFO folder
      – the data itself is in the FITTED folder
      – auxiliary files are in the IMAGES folder
      the rest of files are shared (should be replicated for each splitted version)

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