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    The result estimated by linear trend is not so impressive. I shall consider use the smart5, but how to make it export the geocoded SPP displayed on the Googleearth? Last time I directly use the smart5, system give an error on the miss of inupt Vel.mat.

    The result does not show the main subsidence in Xiaodian area, which was eager to detected.

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    the “smart” function implements a non-linear analysis, so, it is clear that the linear velocity will not be estimated
    use the Cumulative displacement instead.
    consider anyway that here the key point is the estimation of the height.
    after the smart, you could repeat the analysis reading the height previously estimated and estimating a new linear trend.
    in the future we will make it automatic, in order to always output also a linear trend

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I am trying, ‘Height’ here mean the accumulative height, doesn’t it?

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