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    Dear all,
    since a few days Sarproz is experiencing failures in downloading SRTM files. The issue is caused by some SSL protocol changes on the USGS site. While we work at a solution, please consider that SRTM data is currently forced to zero by the software. To overcome the problem, manually download the files from here:
    Sarproz tells you which files are needed. Download them manually and place them in the SRTM folder at the root of your dataset folder. E.g. if you project is in the folder “c:\my_project”, the SRTM directory is in “c:\SRTM”.
    Unzip manually the data there.
    To check if SRTM data is properly loaded, plot it using the “DEM visualization” function in “site processing”

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    An alternative link has been included for SRTM data download and a new Sarproz version is currently being uploaded.
    Please use the “manage version” module to update your Sarproz version and fix the SRTM data download issue

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