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      I found that if I will cut subset from larger area then the geocodeing of area is forgotten.

      Maybe it is small possibility software developing improvement. It would be nice if the larger dataset geocodeing would also be the initial result of the subset. Now seems like it will be forgotten (GCP selection is red). It could be as yes/no cheksbox on subset creation window.

      For example I have large area for good stack coregistration (exaple 400 sqKM) and I’ll found nice manual GCP out of AOF (example 100 sqKM) and geocode large area nicely. Then after subset of AOF I have difficulty found good GCP inside AOF.

      If its possible now then thanks for good advice 🙂

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      The GCP is used to apply a small correction to the orbital data. Such correction is not forgotten when you subset an area. So, after subsetting, you can choose the “keep current orbits” option in the geocoding module. This will pick up a random GCP and it will not apply any orbital correction.

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