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    Hello everybody

    Im a beginner in SARPROZ and subsidence topics, but I have to do a subsidence analysis for my thesis project.
    I have a cuestion: how to convert the Phase results to displacement with SARPROZ?
    I mean, I want displacement results in milimeters
    but only I have the Phase.

    I attached my kml results

    I hope someone of you can help me.


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    hi Sandersax,
    to work on a single interferogram, use this module:
    to see a description of insar parameters, check this
    The idea is that, to convert the phase into mm, you have to unwrap the interferogram
    so, if you check the “unwrap” option, then you can also select “Displ [mm]” in the “Convers” menu.
    After that, if you export the kml, the colorscale will be in mm.
    Please be aware that, even if you have these options, Sarproz has been designed as a multi-temporal software.
    Which means, the best features are coming out when processing series of images, without the need to apply spatial unwrapping.
    The spatial phase unwrapping has been implemented mostly for educational demonstration purposes.
    good work

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    hi Sandersax,
    if you want to apply spatial phase unwrapping, please download the last sw version, a bug was found and fixed.

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