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    Ya-Lun Tsai

    Dear all,

    I would like to ask does SARproZ support SAR offset-tracking (or pixel-offset) algorithm for intensity-based or other approach?

    Thank you
    Ya-Lun Tsai

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    When sarproz process the coregistration,
    the estimated offsets are saved in _coreg_offL and _coreg_offS files in the EXT folder.
    These files could be loaded into sarproz (by selecting “choose a real file” from the menu that you can find in most modules)
    And you could analyze pixel offsets.
    However, at the moment these offsets contain also the geometric distortions that the coregistration compensates for.
    Moreover, the analyzed points have to be chosen during the coregistration and cannot be modified afterward.
    That is to say: a proper pixel tracking module is not available yet. It is in our todo list.
    However, you may want to play with some already available data, in such case, you can use the files mentioned above…

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      Ya-Lun Tsai

      Thank you for quick response, hope to see the full pixel-tracking function be available soon.

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