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    I am starting to use the time series module, using “sparse TS geocoding” because I need a CSV. My question is: the numbers I get for each date, are time series (rad? mm?) or residues (rad? mm?)?

    It seems to me that these are residues (in mm as in small area export?). Therefore, if order to get the movement time series, is it necessary to compute it manually from the velocity and residues?

    The time series export located below does not allow me to export a CSV, is it right?

    And, by the way, what are the values IN (1) and FIN (30) in the CSV?

    Thank you very much, Ivana

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    Hi Ivana,

    the time series module is exporting values which are equal to: residues + movement. And they are in [mm].
    What to consider as movement is your option: velocity, non-parametric (smart), seasonal or whatever.
    The frame located in the lower part of the “Time Series Module” is titled “Time Series SPACE Visualization and Export” and it allows you to see the time series (here you can choose whether movement/residues or both) in SPACE coordinates (SAR or Geographic).
    For this reason, I think it does not make much sense to allow exporting a csv file. By the way, when you export the CSV from the section above, in fact, you are exporting the full time series, and you can use it to visualize things in space as well.
    IN and FIN indicate the starting and ending indexes of the life time of the target. They can be estimated from the amplitude time series using the on/off model.

    There is an improvement we could consider: exporting also the model in the csv. would that be useful for you?

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