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        Hello All,

        I am about to order some TSX Stripmap data and I was wondering to check some items that you should define before ordering any image. Here I listed them as I thought it might be compatible with SARPROZ processing package:

        1. Processing Level : L1B
        2. Resolution Variant : Spatially Enhanced
        3. Geocoded Incidence Angle Map: No
        4. Product Type : Multi-Look Ground Range (MGD)
        5. Projection : Auto
        6. Gain Attenuation: 0 dB
        7. Orbit Precision : Rapid
        8. Product Medium : file

        Please let me know which item should be changed or it is incompatible with SARPROZ package default for TSX images?

        Thank you for your help

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          Sarproz ingests SLC (Single Look Complex) data.
          You should check the TSX data sheet.
          I am afraid you are ordering the wrong product (multi-looked)

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