undefined funtion or variable 'S'

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    Hello, I have a error while trying to produce the reflectivity map, “undefined function or variable S”, I saw a similar problem in the forum with another variable and it was a bug, how can I correct it? Im using the last version of SARPROZ aug. 2017

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    It looks like thee answer posted here 2 days ago was not uploaded…

    You have 2 choices when you find such an error

    1) if you have recently uploaded the software, use the “manage version” module to switch back to a previous version
    pick up a locally available version and switch to it pressing the button “go”. Most of the time this will -at least temporarily- solve your issue.

    2) alternatively, use the “manage version” module to check for new updates (press the button “check online” and, if a new version is found, download and install it pressing the button “go”)

    Please consider that updates sometimes are uploaded daily. In August we had about 20 releases.

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