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    Hi, Pro. Daniele,

    I used two stereo images to obtain a DSM image,I imported the DSM into sarproz instead of SRTM.

    But my research area couldn’t be found from the DEM, the screenshot didn’t show the area that should be made up of four “X mark”.

    Did it mean the DSM wasn’t correct ?

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    I am afraid we need to check the data together
    Can we talk on skype?

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      Thank you sir.

      I’m sorry I was offline last night.Today I’m available waiting for you. Please contact me when you are online.Thanks.

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    Thanks for the help from Pro.Daniele and Dr. yuxiao. The problem has been solved.

    Firstly,ensure the DEM is bigger than research area. The research area should be checked carefully. It must be smaller than the user defined DEM, or it will not be processed successfully follow-up.

    Secondly, the problem is coordinates transformation.My first-time DEM is in UTM projection,and all parameters could be filled automatically in “DEM source selection”, so it looks OK . But in “DEM visualization” window, no X mark covering research area can be found.

    Try to save the DEM in geographic coordinate instead of UTM and import the DEM again in the previous method. Then, the problem was solved. And in “DEM visualization ” window, the research area appears.

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