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      I have run into a problem with downloading the weather data. When I try to get it there is an error message as follows: “Undefined function or method ‘narginchk’ for input arguments of type ‘double'”. So I tried to skip this step and do without the weather data. That didn’t work because the coregistration process seems to require temperature data. I googled the problem and as far as I understand it seems to be a Matlab problem which is understandable since I have a Matlab version lower than the required one. My question is if there is a workaround or do I need to upgrade my Matlab?

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      If you are using MATLAB R2011a or previous version I would suggest switching to R2012a or later.

      I will leave this to Dan for adding comments.

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      Hi Pawel,
      we could change that piece of code to allow you using that function with your old matlab version.
      However, you may find other issues later on. If it is easy for you to upgrade matlab, please do it. If you cannot, let us know and we will make those changes

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