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    I am not able to load my own temperatures after downloading weather, error attached.

    Some more minor notes to the weather module (not critical):

    – the weather (as it seems to me) is downloaded from the stations close to image center, not the center of the crop, for different tracks (one area), the weather stations are more than 150 km away from each other

    – it sometimes happens that some data are not available and the table/figure cannot be displayed/exported (re-download solves it). How does it happen, and what do the other modules do with incomplete temperature data?

    – if exporting, an inappropriate folder is offered

    Thank you, Ivana

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    Hi Ivana,
    yes, the your first note is a bug. please give us 1 day to upload the fixed version.
    Second note: if you download the weather data at the beginning of the SLC extraction process, yes, the center of the footprint is used. But if you download the data again after working on the crop, the crop center is used. If still the weather station is faraway, we have to ask Yuxiao why (in such case, it might be useful for him to replicate your situation).
    For the other 2 notes, we wait for inputs from Yuxiao. I can tell you that if sarproz finds a missing temperature value, it gives a message saying that synthetic temperatures are used (besides message, if you plot the dataset you will see sinusoidal temperature).

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    Hi Ivana,

    For your second question: since the software is querying one webpage for each date of your image, there are chances that one or more of all the querying are not getting response within the setted time limitation (which is 10 seconds, I think). The reason we set the time limitation for each query is because there is a known bug in Matlab with urlread() function that might freeze forever at a certain odd. In this case no weather data will be read and we will skip to the next date. Usually redownload will solve this issue. I would say this is very likely the reason for your case based on your description.

    Furthermore, even if you have partial missing data I think you can still display and export the data. The table will show NaN for missing data. Please let me know if this is not the case for you.

    For the last question, can you be more explicit?

    The message in the log file in your zip file and lasterror.mat does not correspond with each other…

    At last, the software uses an API that will query the nearest station that has data. If your stations are far away, it is very likely your area is a little bit rural, and there is no weather information available that is nearer.


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    Hi Yuxiao,

    I am sorry, I did not mentioned the path where the lasterror is. Hope it is fine now.

    Thank you for the answers. I will therefore try to re-download the data in all cases. The distance is not so critical, I was just astonished that for two tracks, the stations are so far away from each other…

    When the weather data was not complete and I tried to display it (either the table or the graph), I got an error message. However, I cannot replicate it now because I already downloaded the complete data. But maybe it was caused by the fact that I process this area gradually since February, in many software versions…

    The last question: normally, when you want to save your data, an appropriate folder is offered (RESULTS/MATLAB or something else). In the weather module, I think it is / or sarproz/ and not the data folder. But it is just a note, not a bug.

    Thank you very much, Ivana

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