Eric Liang

  • Dear Leewoneung,

    I am SARProZ team leader in Beijing and I think we have met begginning of this year for sw training.

    Then I want to confirm your question. Do you want help to check the reason why you got uplifting value in your result, right?

    From attaced screenshots I think the processing is not stable and reasonable but we need very detailed…[Read more]

  • Dear All,

    I am using the SARProZ generated on 10th April 2015 to process a PalSAR data stack. Then I got following questions:

    1. the data is dual pol HH + HV, for mining site monitoring which pol is more suitable from your experience?

    2. in older version it is always possilbe to specify 0.5 to Azimuth to sample squre pixel, but in this version…[Read more]